WL Markers, Inc. is a Highway Contractor that performs work on roads including snowplowable, Lot inlaid markers, Raised Pavement Markers, Rumble Strips, Traffic Control Sales, Variable Message Boards, Changeable Message Signs and Qwick Kurb  for state, city and counties across the Midwest, South and East Coast.

Established in 1999 WL Markers, Inc. has established itself as one of the top contractors in the pavement delineation industry. We team with Poly-Carb, Ennis Paint, and Ray-O-Lite to provide the best products in the industry.

We have a fleet of over sixty specialty trucks with all the traffic control items needed to help you be successful. We use International, Kenworth and GMC trucks, along with many self-manufactured items!

WL Markers is also the industry leader in the replacement of Snowplowable Raised Pavement Marker reflective lens.