Jacob Nott


WL Markers was founded in 1999 by Steve Walters and Dave Lambert.  Jacob Nott started working for Steve (Jacob’s father-in -law) in 2008, learning the business working on the road as a laborer and eventually a foreman.  In 2013,  Jacob transitioned into the role of General Manager, and within a couple years was running all the day-to-day operations.  In 2015, Jacob started buying into the business in a minority percentage role.  Unexpectedly, Steve passed away in 2018 and Jacob took on the role of President of WL Markers.  At that point, Jacob completed the buyout of WL Markers, and continued to lead the company through the transition period.  Fast forward to 2022, Jacob and his two brothers had the opportunity to purchase K&S Markers, Inc., an acquisition that will continue to allow WL Markers to be the premier pavement marker company in the US.  Jacob is supported by his wife Melissa, and sons Parker and Paxton.